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Self-Care and Coping with Life After Lock-down

I have been thinking a lot about this lately, as clients old and new are returning for their treatments there is almost a certain energy in the air of entering a new beginning. Many people have grown used to or found some comforts in their lock-down routine so being thrown into having to adjust to a new phase of sometimes uncertainty can be daunting right now. So what do we do?...how can we take back control of ourselves?...

How do we go from survival and isolated mode to getting back to the activities we enjoy?

Connection with ourselves and togetherness with others is really important right now and self-care is an essential role we should be practicing to help us deal and respond to times of uncertainty and stressful events.

You cannot pour from an empty cup

You cannot help or be there for others if you do not have the energy or strength to take care of yourself first.

Self-care now needs to become apart of your everyday life, your new routine. We now have an opportunity to feed the garden and watch it grow.

  • Get some Zzz- Ensure you get plenty of sleep, there is a lot to be said about an early night.

  • A little exercise - The endorphins generated will make you feel good and aid a good nights sleep.

  • Limit your screen-time- Don't get caught up in someone else's ideas and values and its sometimes a good idea to turn off the news. Try limit yourself from mindlessly scrolling as these things can often than not dampen the spirit.

  • Find some simple activities that make your own spirit happy and make you feel good!- A soothing massage, a morning walk, a coffee with a friend...something that gives you some time out.

  • And breath- Take the time to just breath mindfully, observing with your senses, take things slowly one step at a time.

Little changes will help you find a balance in your life and allow you to take control back, giving you the freedom to do the things you love again!

Remember to be gentle with yourself, talk to yourself positively and with compassion.

Self-care links and Resources:

Listen: Brene Brown- Unlocking Us

Watch: Meditation For Inner Peace- Yoga With Adriene


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