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The Body Systems and Crystals To Help Give Support

Body Systems and Crystals

Skeletal System

This system uses bones, cartilage and ligaments to provide the body with structural support and protection. It encases much of the nervous system within the protective skull and vertebrae and the vital organs within the ribcage. The skeletal system also supports the circulatory and immune systems by manufacturing red and white blood cells.

Crystals helpful to support: Snow Quartz, petrified wood, Amazonite, Howlite.

Muscular and Integumentary systems

The muscular system is responsible for generating movements, both of the limbs and within other body systems. The Integumentary system compromises of the hair, skin and nails which form the body’s outer covering. In addition to providing physical protection, the skin also helps to regulate body temperature and acts as an energy store in its fat layer.

Crystals helpful to support: Dessert Rose, Leopard skin jasper, stitchtite, copper.

Nervous System

The brain, spinal cord and nerves work together to collect and process information from the body’s internal and external environment. The nervous system communicate through nerve cells, which connect to the other body systems the brain controls these systems.

Crystals helpful to support: Tourmalated Quartz, leopard skin jasper, red jasper, Blue lace Agate.

Respiratory System

The respiratory system takes in oxygen and gets rid of the waste carbon dioxide in order to function. Air is inhaled into the lungs where passive exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs between the air and the blood, carbon dioxide is then exhaled from the lungs.

Crystals helpful to support: Rutile Quartz, Azurite, Blue Kyanite,Appophylite.


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