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Benefits Of Reflexology

Not only is Reflexology a truly holistic treatment, it may surprise you to discover the many health benefits Reflexology can offer...

The feet and the hands contain thousands of tiny nerve endings, when these nerve endings are stimulated they send messages to the brain and alerts the brain of any potential problem areas or blockages. There are 'reflex' zones on the feet which correspond to the organs and body systems, during Reflexology the body itself decides whether to stimulate or calm down affected areas.

Reflexology as well as acupuncture or acupressure, activates the bodies own healing power. A truly lovely and fascinating treatment. With many benefits such as:

  1. A stress buster!

  2. Improves the quality of sleep

  3. Helps to charge our batteries

  4. Improves circulation

  5. Encourages prevention of dis-ease in the body

  6. Helps to detoxify

  7. Encourages the bodies natural healing abilities

  8. Promotes healing and reduces pain receptors

If you would like to book a Reflexology treatment then get in touch!


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