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Reflexology is a healthy non-invasive way to help the body and mind return to its own natural pattern. In reflexology a reflex is a part of the body that can have an effect upon another part of the body when stimulated or massaged. When a reflexology treatment is given, both feet are worked on, as this works all the systems of the entire body, the emotions and the mind. The reflex points are worked on using the thumbs, fingers or knuckles, using specialised massage techniques, helping to correct any imbalances in the body.

The Benefits of Reflexology

- Relief from stress, anxiety and tension

- Feelings of deep relaxation

- Improved mood

- Improved sleep

- A general sense of health and well-being

The Treatment

A Reflexology appointment usually lasts for approximately an hour. As its only the feet that are worked on, you remain fully clothed and only the removal of shoes and socks are needed. You will be invited to relax on the treatment couch. The feet are cleansed in refreshing lavender and peppermint. A ten minute consultation takes place where the therapist 'reads 'the feet, checking the structure and any contraindications. A gentle relaxing warm up is given to the feet and legs. Using thumb and finger manipulations, pressure point massage is used to work on specific reflex points on the feet. Full feedback on the findings are given at the end of the treatment. An amazing relaxing treatment. 


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