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Mindfulness and Relaxation for Children

Group sessions and one-to-one

( one to one to be accompanied by a parent/carer and with parental consent )

The Little Light Flower Programme

Mindfulness involves both awareness and acceptance of the world around us, creating mindfulness in children helps them to regulate their thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness and relaxation is linked to two core social and emotional skills: self regulation and self awareness helping children to react to them in positive ways.

Overall Mindfulness and relaxation sessions has something to offer every child. The benefits which may include:

- A greater sense of self awareness

- A greater sense of calm and connectedness

- Improved focus and attention

- Self empowerment and self confidence

- Kindness and compassion

- Calmer school environment

Each session consists of 6 elements, first we begin to Connect, developing presence and attention, we then find our Breath to calm our minds and bodies, we transition into Mindful Movements, to help us think about our bodies and how they work. We then practice Focusing to help us with our listening skills, we then Relax to help us to feel calm and peaceful.

Each activity will include how we can be, show and feel kindness and strength.

For more information and to discuss please contact us. 

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