Infertility can be an emotional, exhausting and stressful time. The ability to conceive depends on many different factors but it is very important that both partners are in optimum health and this is where Reflexology can help offer a natural approach. 

Reflexology is an extremely relaxing, gentle and non-invasive complementary therapy that can help to reduce the stress and anxiety that is often a key concern for many with infertility issues, which in turn impacts conception.

During a Reflexology session gentle pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the feet helping to re-balance both the body and mind. I will work with you to bring you support, calm and focus, we will also discuss the possible contributing factors during each session such as:


  • Nutrition and lifestyle

  • Emotional trauma 

  • Emotional blockages


I aim to treat the whole person and not just a specific condition, helping to restore health and bring balance to the mind and body with the aid of Reflexology. 

Maternity Reflexology is simply used to nurture you and your baby during pregnancy, labour and post-natal period helping you to relax on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Your body during pregnancy goes through an enormous amount of physical changes with the abundance of hormones!  Reflexology during pregnancy can be a wonderful way to treat and alleviate common issues during your pregnancy helping to regain balance during this time of rapid changes. Reflexology can help alleviate:

  • Morning sickness/nausea

  • Stress and anxiety

  • fatigue

  • Digestive problems and constipation

  • swollen ankles/feet

  • sleep issues

  • back ache/pain/discomfort